Strange As Iroko Tree Burst Into Flames In Badagry Without Setting It On Fire.


Its been panic in the area of Badagry as an Iroko tree bursted into flames without setting it on fire.

The Iroko tree was reportedly burnt for more than eight hours.

The incident happened in Topo Garage and all efforts to put out the fire did not yield much result but became more massive as officials of the state Fire Service battled to quell it.

The fire did not spread to the root and the apex of the tree at the initial stages while the leaves remained green, but when fire fighters decided to apply water, the fire started spreading to the top of the tree.

The fire fighters were therefore advised to stop applying the water after almost consuming all the two trucks brought to the scene.

Director of the State Fire Service, Mr. Razaq Fadipe described the fire as extensive.

He disclosed that a branch of the tree later collapsed after burning for almost eight hours, adding however that there was no casualty recorded.

It was gathered that the same tree also got burnt in the 1970s and 1980s.

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