Young Girl Amputates Arm And Leg After Tragic Train Accident.


Sophie Yu, a 25 year old woman had two of her limbs amputated after she fainted and fell in front of a New York subway train.

She lost her right arm and right leg after the tragic accident on Wednesday, after fainting and falling in front of a New York subway train.

The 25-year-old was lifted on to a stretcher by medics and emergency workers after being freed from under the train

The Chinese native was reportedly standing at the platform edge at lunch time when she collapsed and fell in front of the approaching subway train.

The distraught train driver spotted Yu falling and slammed on the brakes but was unable to stop the powerful commuter vehicle from hitting her.

The New York Daily News reports that the 25-year-old is recovering in hospital and that her family are flying from China to visit her.

Speaking with the news outlet, a friend said: “Her family is devastated. “There’s a lot of stuff they need to figure out right now… She’s going to have a lot to go through.

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