Transgender Woman Brutally Beaten To Death.


Dandara dos Santos, a 42 year old transgender woman was brutally beaten to death by a group of thugs who dragged her from her home and attacked her in a sickening transphobic attack.

She was dragged from her home into the street and kicked, punched, and hit with shoes and a plank of wood in front of residents in Fortaleza, Ceara state, Brazil.

Harrowing footage of the attack shows Dandara begging the savage attackers to spare her life, but her pleas fall on deaf ears.

As she lies on the ground covered in blood and struggling to stand, her callous attackers simply lift her into a wheelbarrow and roll her away to a back alley where she was beaten to death amid cheers and laughter.

The person who filmed the clip is heard saying in Portuguese ‘they will kill the f*****’ and laughing while the attackers make cruel taunts about her hormone-therapy induced breasts and hurl homophobic insults.
Horrific footage of the incident sparked outrage after being released by police last Friday to help find the alleged killers.

Police Inspector Damasceno who is investigating the death said: ‘Six people have been identified and the video has helped with that. The footage was first circulated among LGBT groups, which helped that process.

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