Man With Head Tumour To Live Normal Life After Successful Surgery.

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Sutat Messati a Thai man who developed a growth from his head that was twice the size of his skull can now live a normal life.

 Sutat Messati said he started to have pains in his head when he was just two years old, but little did he know it was the sign of a tumour.

It grew over the years, forcing him to carry it every time he left his house in a poverty-stricken Surin province of Thailand.

But now he has revealed his incredible transformation after the mass was removed by surgeons.

Kindhearted strangers donated more than £2,000 towards his operation, allowing him to live normally for the first time ever.

Sutat said: ‘I am very happy with the results, I can now live a normal life, thank you to everyone who helped me.

‘I plan to enjoy my life for the first time. I would like to get married and have children, I looked so hideous before that no woman would look at me without feeling sorry for me.’

Source: Daily Mail

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