I Celebrate Valentine Donating Blood To Save Lives: Destiny Akunesi.


Destiny Udodiri Akunesi a 44 year old  is one person in a million that is worth emulating .

While many others were celebrating valentine in exotic places with lots of fun and goodies, Destiny was at the blood transfusion centre donating blood to save lives.

He donates blood twice annually, every Feb 14 and June 14 which is World Blood Donor Day.

He’s being a regular blood donor with National Blood Transfusion Services since 2010 even after losing his job as a banker, he said, he will continue to donate blood untill his last breathe.

“This is my little way of contributing to humanity, my blood group is O+ he said while encouraging Nigerian to do same.

He shares his story how he started donating blood twice yearly.

” I was a banker with UBA our own driver lost his 3 year old daughter due to  no blood to save the little child’s life.
Since that 2010 I started to donate blood
I went to National blood transfusion service to register. So any time there is emergency they call me

I usually donate every Feb 14 and June 14 which is World Blood Donor Day.

Destiny is presently out of job. Asked why he left the banking profession?

He said” I left the bank being a contract staff for 5 years and no promotion and on 2 occasions my branch was attacked by armed robbers during banking hours .
I escaped gun shots in the last robbery.

Destiny and family

This is really commendable Destiny.

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