Business Man Sues Uber For Revealing His Location While Cheating, Thereby Causing A Divorce.


A business man’s marriage has hit the rock following his cheating life style which he’s blaming Uber application for.

The couple has since divorced and the businessman has filed a lawsuit against Uber worth €45million

The businessman is suing the company Uber after it tipped off his wife about his affair.

The app-based company, which acts as a quick and easy taxi service allowing people to hail nearby cars to their exact location, is facing a lawsuit after the man’s wife was alerted to his location while he was cheating on her with another woman.

The man, from southern France, had requested a car using his wife’s phone, according to local reports.

But when he gave the phone back to her, the app continued to send notifications to her phone about his whereabouts even though he had logged out of the account.


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