Trump’s policy agenda Now On White House Website.


Few hours after the inauguration of Donald Trump as US president, the Obama administration’s priorities of civil rights and climate change were replaced with ‘bringing back jobs and growth’ and ‘rebuild American military’

Obama’s policies have been moved to an archival website and promptly replaced with a new slate of priorities, which drastically underscored the differences between the two men’s administrations.

Where Obama’s White House website housed information on civil rights, climate change, LGBT rights, healthcare, immigration, education and the “Iran Deal” among others, Trump’s White House website, instead, lists just six “issues”.

“America first energy plan” has replaced climate change as a priority, while “Bringing back jobs and growth” focuses on lowering taxes.

Civil rights has been replaced with “Standing up with law enforcement community” and emphasizes the “lawlessness” of illegal immigration and inner cities.

The White House website spells out a bit more of what the incoming administration means by an “America first foreign policy”. The phrase used is “peace through strength” which involves a pledge to “rebuild the American military”.

The online statement notes that the US navy has shrunk from 500 to 275 ships over the past 15 years and that the air force has been reduced by a third over the same period. It pledges that the new president “is committed to reversing this trend, because he knows that our military dominance must be unquestioned”.





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