Father Begs Strangers To Flog Him To Raise Money For Son’s Surgery


A father begged strangers to whip him for a fee in order to raise money to treat his son who is going blind.

The desperate man, named Fan Fugui, reportedly knelt on a street in Beijing charged passers-by 10 yuan (£1.2) per hit.

Mr Fan’s one-year-old child was born with serious eye diseases and needs an operation which will cost 100,000 yuan (£11,881).

To prove his sincerity, the man wore nothing but his underpants in freezing weather as he presented a wooden rod with both hands, inviting pedestrians to beat him.

A signboard was placed beside him, with the title ‘hit my thighs to save my son’.

The signboard explained that his son, Fan Yuhang, had been diagnosed with optic atrophy in March, 2015, and would go blind without medical treatment.

The message went on saying that his impoverished family couldn’t afford the bill.

It also read: ‘Kind-hearted people, please help us.’

The man then left his bank details, his name and his phone number on the board.

Some passers-by donated money, but none of them whipped Mr Fan, the report said.


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