94 Years Old Woman Puts Younger Ones To Shame In Gym Classes


Edna Shepard, a 94 year old  and a  grandma puts in a shift of ten gym classes a week and her energetic routines  puts much younger women to shame.

The former dance teacher has just been presented with an award from the Hume City Council Mayor in recognition of her incredible efforts to keep fit and healthy.

According to the nonagenarian age is just a number.

Ms Shepherd said she allows herself just one day off from classes at the gym, Thursdays and she even spends the off day ballroom dancing.

She says she likes the social aspect of the gym classes as much as the health benefits.

Shepherd’s fitness repertoire includes aqua aerobics classes, tai chi, ballroom dancing and one of her favourites, the fast-paced Zumba. ‘I like Zumba, oh yeah that’s good,’ she said.

The 94-year-old said she did not see age as a barrier and had no intention of hanging up her running shoes any time soon.

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