47 Years Old Man Tortured Naked In India For Wandering. 


Salam Sulaiman, was stripped naked, tied to an electricity post and tortured for hours in India.

The brutal attack was allegedly carried out by a gang of five men Azhikode, in Kerala, in southern India, because he was ‘roaming around suspiciously’ near his home.

Salam Sulaiman, who was left bloodied and bruised following the savage beating told police his torturers had set on him because he was acting ‘suspiciously’ close to his home.

The gang even took pictures of the 47-year-old victim lying beaten on the ground and uploaded them to social media.

He suffered serious injuries and lost three teeth.

When he was found, he was barely conscious and was rushed to the nearby Kodungallur Government Taluk Hospital.

Police have launched an investigation and spoken with Salam.

A spokesman said: ‘A case has been registered based on Salam’s deposition. Natives of the same area, Babu, Siyad, Mikhil, Saikumar and Chikku, belonging to the gang, who have been named by Salam, are absconding after the incident.

‘Their age is not known. We have intensified the drive to catch them.’


Daily Mail


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